Personal Leadership Development Plan

Personal Leadership Development Plan

This post explores what I’ve learned during my personal reflection, where I intend to take my leadership from 2016 onward and how I intend to get from good to great.

“If I had influence over the minds of the people of Canada, any power over their intellect, I would leave them this legacy: ‘Whatever you do, adhere to the Union. We are a great country, and shall become one of the greatest in the universe if we preserve it; we shall sink into insignificance and adversity if we suffer it to be broken.’,” said the first Canadian Prime Minister in an 1861 address.

With these lines, John A. Macdonald marked federalism as the grounds for ascension and prosperity, but only as a function of unity, collective identity and individual purpose. Seldom though in today’s world are the masses inspired by the greater good, the brighter future, accomplished together. Rather, individual cognitive dissonance by adhering to identity and the individual pursuits, for selfish and material gain stands as the closely held trump card.

In our world of limitless connectivity through technology, humanity now enters its prime for economic, social and environmental proliferation. And so, herein lies the greatest opportunity for transformative leadership, to transcend Canadian public discourse to its fundamental root: self-fulfillment through freedom through unity and compassion. Comparatively, I recognize this as an opportunity for Canada to move from “good” to “great” in the name of the security, dignity and prosperity of its people.

In this post, I discuss my leadership development plan and its relevance relative to these opening remarks. In a reflective discussion on my strengths, as provided by others in testimonials and reflective, I express my disposition to dedicate my life to this, which I authentically believe as imperative in life. I will cover my current state of leadership, my vision board or future desired state and my leadership development roadmap to progress between the two.

First, I adopted three methods to assess my current state of leadership. This included a best reflected-self exercise, personality, values and strengths evaluations and a thorough reflection of the results. The best reflected-self exercise invited important connections in my life to provide testimonials of times when they saw me at my best. The stories compiled the history as it prescribes the current moment, which was touching, as it revealed others’ perception of me as animated, energetic selfless, community-orients, inspiring, curious and externally-focused.

I’ve compiled the most telling stories in this slider widget below.

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Subsequent evaluations corroborated this notion, whereas my emotional intelligence quotient is 43 out of 50, lowest in self-awareness due to the notion that I am not patient with respect to delayed gratification. This is likely a natural product of desire to conclude and move on, to get things done and done right, a notion support by my MBTI results as a very clear “judger” and competing values framework assessment as high in “control”. Furthermore, the MBTI results also showed clear extroversion, slight sensing and moderate thinking. While my profile aligns well with the likes of Judge Judy and Donald Trump, two offsetting effects support the conclusion that my like personality is beneficial: a strong collaborator (CVF test) and

The assessments of terminal values were freedom, equality, peace and fulfillment, which are a clear reflection of my leadership vision. Further to this are the instrumental values, which are tenets that guide actions more tactically in pursuit of those terminal values. The assessment results showed highest scores accountability, integrity, transparency and empowerment, which too ring true. I was humbled by the results, because I often perceive myself in a race with time to make things happen, and frankly not being present in the moment enough – what I see to be a violation of cumulative self-fulfillment.

Secondly, I will discuss my leadership vision. As revealed in my introduction, I am interested in large-spanning nationwide triple-bottom-line optimization. In the most broadly-specific expression possible, I define my life purpose as to “Build a legacy of everlasting positive change in the world.” As to achieve this, I’ve embraced the constraint of time and adopted a system for categorizing and prioritizing time, which includes efforts covering academics or continued learning, community development, business and employment and finally, personal and wellbeing. From completing the MBA, to establishing networks among cornerstone charities, to launching businesses that drive sustainable and prosperity for Canadian entrepreneurs to building a family and practicing yoga, everything leads to that terminal purpose. I am not concerned with the title I will hold, but I am determined to engaged participation in the Canadian political power sphere within my fifties, because that the greatest stem to disseminate these values and vision.

Finally, is my leadership development plan, a culmination of leveraging strengths throughout life to continually improve my capacity to achieve the fundamental state of leadership and the leadership vision I’ve outlined in this post. Having completed the Landmark Forum and Advanced Course, my next steps to live this designed life require the following internally-direct tactics:

  • Regular weekly reflection of actions and stances taken, proactive and reactive;
  • Reflection on mastery of being present, sustaining and reclaiming integrity where it is weak or broken;
  • Continual research, understanding and prioritization of the issues at hand and opportunity cost to choices;
  • Ongoing experimentation with best reflected self exercise, to ensure that signed and anonymous testimonials are welcomed, regularly requested and reviewed as a means feedback to benchmark whether progress is made;
  • Continual expansion of reach among growing network of community stakeholders, from economic, social and environmental authorities and interest groups;
  • Identify and establish team of qualified, selfless and externally-directed individuals to collaborate on larger projects;
  • Practice mindfulness to better appreciate delayed gratification;
  • Complete the Landmark self-expression in leadership course, following the completion of my MBA, to more tactically design my roadmap of transformation into a diplomatic hub, whereby good faith, accountability and relentless integrity are values held as self-evident to those in my entourage and as the means to national unity goals.

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success,” said Henry Ford and nothing rings a greater truth. In the larger pursuit of happiness, freedom begins with respect, trust and collaboration. I choose to enroll Canadians to in enrolling other Canadians in our greater future of freedom together through authenticity, limitless opportunity, and perpetual betterment, much like John A. Macdonald asked.

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